Graphic Design Process

Our Process for some of our graphic design services...

When we are approached from a client we ask if they have any existing artwork & idea's they have for us? Any idea's of what they in mind ...  
What their ultimate goal is when we put together proofs for their approval.  

We work relentlessly until all our clients are completely satisfied, and have 100% the product we were hired to design or whatever project we are working on.

Our mission is to satisy on all levels & will not stop until your happy.

Some clients have no idea what they want... So we put together a couple idea's from what they express verbally, and start the design proof process.

We then text or email the proofs and chat back and forth with changes or add ons until we get the result we want... It's a build up of idea's between our clients and us.

So any idea you have or old artwork, logo's, flyers etc... gives us an idea of your tastes and goals.

Example of our design process
A customer wanted us to re-design her logo...

So in this case, our customer had a flower she liked and wanted us to re-design her logo with this flower included in the design...
This is what she sent us

So we removed the background and cleaned it up a bit

We then created a custom flower background with that one flower in different sizes and positions throu-out

and added a layer of colour

Designed a couple layers of the oval shape logo frame and found a really pretty decal that suited it perfectly!

She also wanted her company name in a certain colour ...  So we asked her to choose the colour by using our handy resource HERE 

So we came up with these... 
Three of many font idea's with the same color we offered her to look at

So we went back and forth with idea's, and she finally approved her new logo for her business cards after 2 days!

We have a very happy customer who will be getting us to do her website 
& promotional print products in weeks to come!

Thank you Angela for your business!  We look forward to working with you.

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