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Step and Repeat Banners are becoming a phenomenon in and you know it if you are in the business of signage. Step and Repeat Banners are used as backdrops in sponsored events, red carpet events, opening events, closing ceremonies, media conferences and such other events where there is a stage sort of requirement. The name of these banners is appropriately step and repeat banners as the company logo, name, sports team name, movie name, or such important symbol is printed a number of times on the banner in a pattern which is mostly diagonal. This gives a repetitive vision of the company logo or name which hits hard on the viewers and works great as a promotional strategy.

Step and Repeat Banners are made of 13 oz matte vinyl material which is ‘anti-glare’ so that the flashes of photographers do not affect the photographs as these are mainly used as backdrop for events where a lot of photography is done. You get a complete customization on your Step and Repeat Banners in terms of the size, design and colors. 

We use best vinyl material and all banners are digitally printed using high quality printers and ink. These inks are UV and water resistant, so you can use the banners indoors as well as outdoors. The installation of these banners is as easy as a few minutes of work.  100% price and 100% quality guarantee.

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